Monday, March 14, 2011

Starting Seeds and Thinking about Vision

Got the seed order in this week.  We're assisting Grassrooots Gardens with their seed starting program.  On Mondays I go to the Darwin Martin house to water seed starts for all the community gardens in Buffalo.
I started the cold weather crops in containers in the greenhouse- 4 varieties of lettuce, collards, red mustard, green mustard, Mizuna mustard, Sorrel, Mache, broccoli, among others.  I'm debating whether I should start Cabbage or not.  The cabbage is ALWAYS stolen.
I'm rolling around the idea of helping some community members start their own gardens this year.  We could take 4-5 applicants, build them some raised beds, bring over manure and peat moss, give them some seeds and starts.  The cost would be minimal, and we have the manpower.  Many members of the community have asked for help starting their own gardens, and we've been encouraging them to join ours.  I guess as we all do, many people want to retain control of their own space.  Helping people start personal gardens would accomplish the same goal we've always had (fostering food security in the community), but in a different way, satisfying the demand.
Just some thoughts on this cold wet March day.  Happy PI day!


  1. Please come in September and do my starts for THAT season's growing. You know you want to!